It is every schools' duty to provide a safe learning environment but with typical school web filters being easily bypassed by tech savvy students this is a constant challenge. You must do everything you can to protect your students from cyber-bullying, internet pornography and online and emailed malware whilst still allowing them the fliexibility of independent, self-paced learning. EDU365 can help...

Reasonable and effective measures

Schools need to ensure that they provide safe Internet access for all their students and staff and need to demonstrate reasonable and effective measures to control access to the Internet. EDU365's suite of services offer your school the tools needed to protect students and staff and, where releavnt, to stay compliant, whilst still allowing your staff and students to use email and the web in the normal way.

  • Unified Security Service: One platform for 360 degree protection across web, email, and cloud.
  • Cloud Application Control: Allows for secure adoption of cloud services and applications in your school.
  • Web Security: One solution to help you meet latest good practice guidelinbes, such as new anti-radicalisation measures, and help prevent cyber bullying in your school.
  • Email Security: Protect and control all email in your school.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Secure access to your networks and applications with intelligent user authentication.