Managed Services

Educationally appropriate, integrated, efficient, tailored services for schools that want IT to just work.

To create a school that provides the right environment for learning, you need educationally appropriate systems in place that inspire learners to learn, help teachers to teach and help you simplify and improve your management processes for every step of a learner’s journey through your school.

IT Support
EDU365 provides schools with tailored support they can count on to resolve their IT issues quickly and easily. Whatever level of IT support you need to ensure the smooth running of your school, our dedicated team of Support Specialists can offer a package to suit you, ensuring that your technology will not become another issue to deal with, but a catalyst for better learning and school management.
The different levels of support we provide will allow you to find an engagement that works for you. Our services range ffrom a simple and cost-effective block support contract to help support an existing IT staff to a fully managed outsourced IT Department.

• Shared best practice to help you achieve whole school improvement
• Excellent return on your investment in SIMS – use SIMS data to automate repetitive functions in the school and improve service levels
• Efficient and motivated staff
• Fully managed provision
• Never worry about IT staff sick days again
• Tailored to your school
• Delivered by education experts
• multiple resources with specialists skills and the latest certifications
• Monitoring of key service metrics to predict issues and maximise uptime

Hassle Free, Always-On Service
EDU365 can provide the advice, experience and strategies that will help you improve ICT engagement, make the most of your current investment and save money. Our team of networking experts along with our Software Development Team provide the tools to truly unlock the potential of IT to deliver services that are aligned the needs of each stakeholder in your school.

Let us complement or be your internal IT team – so you can get on with the business of education:
• Get a team of specialist certified engineers for a fraction of the cost
• Leverage our five years of award winning experience with educationally appropriate cloud solutions to reduce costs and improve the usefulness of IT in schools
• Have an outsourced IT team ‘on-staff’ that understands education and which can assist with selection of the right technologies and solutions for your school
• Set a budget and keep to it
• Develop a 5-year roadmap to excellence with our help with a focus on teaching and learning NOT the technology
• Implement proven best practise technologies without costly selection mistakes

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