SIMS Curriculum Management

SIMS Curriculum Management Suite helps you manage student timetables quickly and easily, ensuring the process of producing a complete and organised school curriculum is less time consuming and more productive.

SIMS Curriculum Management Suite allows you to design the best curriculum and schedule a timetable that suits the majority of your students whilst maximising the efficient use of teachers and other resources.

Paperless solution to choosing GCSE and A-level options
SIMS Options lets students easily make subject choices online and reduces administration for schools by automatically feeding the subjects choices back into SIMS.

Automate the timetabling process
Create complex timetables in minutes, based on students' subject choices. Evaluate and compare suggested timetables, both in terms of cost and staffing resources.

Help the school day run smoothly
Easily organise cover for absent teachers from the moment you receive the call, taking the pressure off your school staff.


"SIMS enables us to produce an efficient and effective timetable much faster than we could before”
-Dr Michael Tideswell, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Princethorpe College


Choose between automatic and manual scheduling
Modify timetables using manual or automatic scheduling to ensure they meet the needs of individual students and your school.

Links with your core SIMS data
Student details and subject information can be drawn directly from SIMS.

Student grouping
Automatic student grouping. Sort students into learning groups according to age and ability if desired.

Maintain optimum class sizes
Calculate student numbers instantly to help maintain optimum class sizes.

Arrange cover for absent staff
Identify which staff are available to cover a lesson and record supply staff bookings. Simplify cover for arbitrary intervals that are not tied to period start and end times.

SIMS Curriculum Management  - Next Steps?

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