SIMS Identity and Single Sign On

A safe and secure, single login solution for your school from desktop to cloud

Ensure your cloud services are secure with SIMS ID 'Single Sign-On'. SIMS ID makes running multiple cloud services effortless to manage by providing each user with a single login to access multiple applications. Managing users’ permissions centrally offers reassurance that access to your school’s systems is securely managed. Individual user security is ensured by enabling self-service password management, saving valuable time for your technical staff.

Teachers, staff and pupils benefit from having only one password to remember and enjoy simple access to services through a user-friendly Launchpad.

  • Easy to manage – All accounts are created automatically from the data in SIMS, with a simple set-up of permissions for both new and existing users ensuring correct access levels across different systems. Local AD accounts and cloud services are automatically provisioned and you can also add multiple users saving valuable time and resources.
  • Ease of Use - Teachers, staff and pupils only need to remember one password and can access services seamlessly from whichever device they choose to use.
  • Office 365 and Google Compatibility - Cloud documents, email, calendars, shared files, video calling and IM, notes and all the other virtues of a shared environment can be made available to pupils and staff. Timetables are also provisioned in your Office365 and Google calendar.
  • Safe and Secure - Centralisation of user administration adds critical control over access of systems where sensitive information is involved. Should you need to revoke a user’s permissions for example when a member of staff leaves, you can do this easily across all services in one go.