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FHE: Capita Advantage & UNIT-e

Capita Advantage Apps

Better Engagement, Better Results

The Advantage suite of desktop, smartphone and tablet solutions quickly and easily improves stakeholder engagement, enhances the student experience and increases achievement boosting your college’s reputation and giving you the edge in a competitive education market.

For staff:
Enables more personalised teaching

Staff Advantage empowers your staff to deliver a more personalised learner experience improving engagement and achievement.

For students:
Improves motivation and achievement

Engage with your students directly via their smartphone. Student Advantage helps keep students on track to achieving.

For managers:
Better informed decision making

Management Advantage gives you a complete view of your institution with real-time and detailed data when you need it on your desktop or tablet.

For parents:
Enables active collaboration

Parent Advantage gives easy access to real-time student information allowing improved parental engagement with their child’s learning.


UNIT-e student management information system

Making information work harder at every step of your student journey

UNIT-e student management information system delivers at every step and puts the power of your MIS firmly into the hands of your students, staff, parents and other stakeholders.

Whether your top priority is to increase recruitment, raise educational attainment or improve college efficiency, UNIT-e is ready to support you.

From making the enquiry and application process as streamlined as possible, through to automating communication with exam boards, UNIT-e delivers a single, integrated MIS that supports the complete journey of a student through your college or university.

Enquiries and applications

By embracing self-service for students, employers and agents, UNIT-e minimises the time your staff spend on the application process, making life easy for prospective students. Our fast and simple solutions engage with applicants anytime and anywhere, giving your recruitment a boost.


Accurately capturing the full range of information from enrolling students is of paramount importance. That’s why UNIT-e offers a range of features, from full validation to enabling students to pay online at the point of enrolment.

Timetables and attendance

Using staff and facilities effectively can lead to considerable cost savings for colleges. UNIT-e combines both timetabling and attendance in a single, integrated system, delivering efficiencies not possible with standalone systems. Accurate attendance data can be recorded using a mobile device supporting targeted and timely interventions.

Assessments and exams

We recognise that exam entry fees are the largest cost after staff and that the exam and assessment process involves a significant amount of administration. UNIT-e is constantly refined to make the process less time consuming, less complicated and less expensive.

Complete integration with our Advantage suite of mobile and tablet solutions allows your students, staff, management team and parents to access key information and data with just the swipe of a screen or tap of a button.

With critical information available with ease and efficiency, UNIT-e and Advantage can quickly realise many benefits at your institution:

  • Students can monitor their attendance, grades and progress from the palm of their hand improving attendance and achievement
  • MIS staff have the tools needed to deliver accurate funding returns
  • Curriculum managers are empowered with powerful curriculum modelling tools that help deliver an efficient curriculum
  • Senior managers can stay on the pulse with key performance indicator dashboards
  • Vocational, higher and further education requirements can be delivered within the single UNIT-e system
  • Data duplication is eradicated, guaranteeing a single, accurate set of information accessible across your institution
  • Planning and allocation of resources can be made quickly and confidently as all relevant information is to hand
  • Eliminates costly department-focused systems saving staff time
  • Analysis of data is made easy, from tracking student attendance to understanding the real costs of delivering individual courses.

Developed as a core set of modules, this ‘out of the box solution’ focuses on the essential needs of further and higher education organisations. In addition, optional features enable you to tailor the system to your specific needs both now and as they change in the future.

What We Do

EDU365 is dedicated to delivering educationally appropriate, integrated technology solutions that deliver whole-school improvement.

One-to-one learning is changing the face of education forever. Individualised learning is now easily attainable if we equip and train teachers with the right tools. Evidence is beginning to show that, with the right combination of teaching and technology, unprecedented levels of student engagement can be achieved resulting in better attendance, behaviour and academic performance.


If your school is struggling with these challenges, we can help.


With our unique and advanced change management services, training and coaching, EDU365 can ensure that your transformation is a measurable success. Start your journey with us today. Please contact us to find out how we can help you to improve your schools teaching and learning initiatives and outcomes.

National Intervention Management

We enable information sharing and multi-agency working so that you get interventions right the first time around.


Capita One provides approved Education Ministry staff, as well as those authorised from other agencies, with direct, real time access to data. The system reduces the time spent tracking down relevant background information for a child or young person so that frontline staff have access to the latest relevant information with which they can then make more informed decisions.

Providing an early warning system, Capita One delivers a single, comprehensive record of children, young people and families. Giving you a clear picture of a child or family's circumstance and reducing the risk of ‘hidden’ data in local systems gives you the information you need to intervene early and improve outcomes.

We can help deliver result in Early Intervention, Early Years, Youth Services, Education Services, Social Care and Performance Monitoring & Data Management. 


"The biggest benefits of ONE I see are increased cross departmental working, sharing of information by authorised staff and improved communication, all of which ensure that vulnerable children and young people, and their families, can receive and access appropriate support in meeting their developmental and learning needs ”
Harrow District Education Authority


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EDU365 for the Classroom

School teachers want to spend more time providing their pupils with targeted learning that will help them achieve to the best of their ability. Whether planning effective lessons, set- ting learning goals to drive greater achievement or writing pupil reports to parents, there is so much SIMS will do to ease the burden of administration for teachers and lighten their workload inside and outside the classroom.

EDU365 for Leadership

Effective leadership is crucial to the success of any organisation and schools have a duty to ensure every child gets the support they need to reach their full potential. If your aims are to focus on driving school improvement, you want to ensure your leadership team targets the specific issues that need addressing in school.