School Data Management

School Data Management

EDU365 School Advancement Service: Unlocking the power of data to make informed decisions

The EDU365 School Advancement Service (SAS) is a solution EDU365 provides its valued clients to help ensure SIMS is used to its fullest capabilities at your school. The SAS Team can assist in helping the school move their use of SIMS beyond data entry and into deep data analysis in order to identify issues and patterns that highlight where interventions need to be made.

The SAS Team works in partnership with the school to share effective practice and make best use of the resources and expertise. EDU365’s School Advancement Service aims to enable children, young people and families to achieve their potential in a safe environment so that they lead successful lives. We believe that the way in which we will achieve this is by ensuring that needs are clearly defined so that the right services are delivered by the right people to the right children, young people and families at the right time.


"Schools may be better served if principals spend more time 

using information for school improvement than collecting it"


At EDU365, partnership is seen as the way for schools to become truly outstanding. We believe that the solution to the challenges facing today’s education system can be found in the profession itself. High quality collaboration can unlock the capacity, innovation and wisdom required to drive our schools to achieve their potential.

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School Management Dashboards

EDU365's School Dashboards Service - known as School Insight - essentially provides schools with a continuously updated ‘live’ report. And because of this, it is always ready to be used to support school improvement, monitoring and sharing data with stakeholders.

Requesting (and waiting!) for an update, summary and key information from staff is a thing of the past. The information that you want is right there ‘on-screen’ for you to view and interrogate, whenever you need it. And the best thing is that most of the data is already in your system!

School Insight Dashboards, enable you to see the MIS information you want, effortlessly and in near real-time, offering visual analysis of your data without the need to create and extract separate reports.


School Insight will provide all the visual tools you need to help identify:

  • Issues with Data Consistency & Persistency
  • School processes and procedures
  • Training issues
  • Compliance with policy
  • Performance
  • Early warnings
  • What to do next
  • Insight into what is working and what is not
  • When and where to provide intervention

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