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Get up to Date, Be Legally Compliant and Save Money with EDU365!

At EDU365 we understand schools find it very difficult to understand which Microsoft licenses they need to own to run their school and in what quantities. In the past Microsoft licensing has notoriously complex and confusing and the ever changing nature of schools meant license compliance was almost impossible to manage.

The good news is there is a new way of licensing Microsoft products and we’d like to give you an opportunity to move to this much simpler approach with us.

Benefits of the EDU365 Free License Assessment Service

  • A dedicated Microsoft licencing specialist will always be available to answer any questions and advise.
  • EDU365 Microsoft certified engineers are available to advise your school on the latest products and services and can provide expert implementation services.
  •  EDU365 will provide this service annually and remind you when its due.

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1-2-3 Simplify!

By moving to a new Microsoft Academic Subscription (and counting just your full time staff), your school keeps everyone on the latest Microsoft products and manages all of this via a single bill each year. You can even add additional users to purchased products at no additional cost during the year of the subscription. New Microsoft products are now bundled allowing schools to use a single suite for services, anti-virus, security, asset management, email and productivity tools.

Expert Help

EDU365 is working closely with Microsoft to provide a FREE licensing assessment and will ensure you purchase only what's required to deliver the services that support learning at your school. Microsoft licensing specialists are working with EDU365 sales consultants to individually assess your unique needs and provide a tailored assessment for your school. This assessment will help you reduce costs, ensure legal compliance and access to the many benefits of the Microsoft academic programs.

STEP 1 – Complete a Survey

Complete our short, online survey. The information gathered in this survey will allow us to present a summary of personalised recommendations to you

STEP 2 – Attend a Webinar

Attend a webinar with experts from EDU365 and Microsoft where we will present the latest and best options for your school,aimed at saving money and maximising the benefits for your school.

Step 3 - Receive a Proposal
Receive a  report of our recommendations and a pricing quote. Many of our clients have saved 50% or more on their licensing costs when compared to their older Microsoft Agreements.

Bonus Offer
All clients who purchase their Microsoft Licensing Subscriptions from EDU365 qualify for a free Office 365 setup. 

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School Infrastructure Management

A growing number of schools are now considering outsourcing and co-sourcing their IT support in order to keep up with the constant changes in technology and minimise overall support costs. As moving to the cloud continues to help schools drive down expenditure and enhance learning, educational institutions of all sizes are also beginning to look for IT partners who can not only help them transition to the cloud, but provide ongoing IT support and expertise as the breadth of available technologies develops.

Outsourcing IT support allows schools to transfer the risk of day-to-day mishaps and any other risks associated with IT to the service provider, as well as providing cover for sickness and holidays.

It also minimises any disruptions from technology, as IT partners providing managed services to schools can run proactive checks on the schools’ systems throughout the day to instantly pick up and rectify issues before they become a problem. Conversely, co-sourcing IT support can fill in gaps in internal expertise and save schools time, money, and effort in recruiting additional staff. By combining services from within the school and from a well-chosen partner, both parties can work to achieve the same goals.

Perhaps the greatest motivator of all is no longer simply about cost, but about addressing the widening technology skills gap; in today’s competitive marketplace and with technology moving at such a rapid pace, schools are finding it increasingly difficult to attract the right type of IT specialists to support them.

EDU365 can help you solve all these issues by providing a comprehensive and competitive Outsourced IT services solution. Contact us today for more details and to request a proposal.

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Managed Services

Educationally appropriate, integrated, efficient, tailored services for schools that want IT to just work.

To create a school that provides the right environment for learning, you need educationally appropriate systems in place that inspire learners to learn, help teachers to teach and help you simplify and improve your management processes for every step of a learner’s journey through your school.

IT Support
EDU365 provides schools with tailored support they can count on to resolve their IT issues quickly and easily. Whatever level of IT support you need to ensure the smooth running of your school, our dedicated team of Support Specialists can offer a package to suit you, ensuring that your technology will not become another issue to deal with, but a catalyst for better learning and school management.
The different levels of support we provide will allow you to find an engagement that works for you. Our services range ffrom a simple and cost-effective block support contract to help support an existing IT staff to a fully managed outsourced IT Department.

• Shared best practice to help you achieve whole school improvement
• Excellent return on your investment in SIMS – use SIMS data to automate repetitive functions in the school and improve service levels
• Efficient and motivated staff
• Fully managed provision
• Never worry about IT staff sick days again
• Tailored to your school
• Delivered by education experts
• multiple resources with specialists skills and the latest certifications
• Monitoring of key service metrics to predict issues and maximise uptime

Hassle Free, Always-On Service
EDU365 can provide the advice, experience and strategies that will help you improve ICT engagement, make the most of your current investment and save money. Our team of networking experts along with our Software Development Team provide the tools to truly unlock the potential of IT to deliver services that are aligned the needs of each stakeholder in your school.

Let us complement or be your internal IT team – so you can get on with the business of education:
• Get a team of specialist certified engineers for a fraction of the cost
• Leverage our five years of award winning experience with educationally appropriate cloud solutions to reduce costs and improve the usefulness of IT in schools
• Have an outsourced IT team ‘on-staff’ that understands education and which can assist with selection of the right technologies and solutions for your school
• Set a budget and keep to it
• Develop a 5-year roadmap to excellence with our help with a focus on teaching and learning NOT the technology
• Implement proven best practise technologies without costly selection mistakes

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Wireless Networks

It is evident that today’s mobile students are showing up in classrooms knowing more about technology than previous generations. They’ve grown up tech-savvy and prefer to do everything on mobile devices. For them, untethered digital learning is fundamental for future success.

The optimized digital classroom
Classrooms are changing. We are seeing the impact of the Digital Revolution. Learning environments are now preparing students for their future work environments. Classrooms are slowly shifting away from rows of desks, to an environment that promotes collaboration between students, teachers and learning devices.

Printed Textbooks are being swapped out for mobile devices and ebooks from services like Overdrive that provide up-to-date content in real time. Printed exams are transitioning to online assessments. 1:1 and BYOD initiatives are replacing wired computer labs. Collaboration tools and personalized learning programs are developed to meet the individual needs of each student. Technology is transforming the way we educate our children. Schools are adopting these initiatives to deliver a rich learning experience by engaging students to use the devices and applications they thrive on.

This Digital Classroom needs to support 21st Century Learning, with 1:1 initiatives and Project Based Learning. It needs to provide anytime/anywhere access to Cloud-based apps like Google Apps for Education and Office 365. It’s a classroom that easily provides guest access and encourages student collaboration, that can also prioritise critical learning apps such as Online Assessments.

IT professionals in education need to plan for the future and build a next-generation infrastructure that supports this digital learning environment and emerging technologies. Whatever your motivation—whether you want to improve student engagement or reduce operating expenses - the right wireless networking decisions will have a long-lasting impact on your budget and educational service delivery.

EDU365 Wireless Implementations:
Providing a mobile-first experience ensures that the students have anytime/anywhere access for uninterrupted learning - whether it’s on a school-issued device or a student’s own personal device. Schools need a Wi-Fi infrastructure that can support the demand of mobile devices along with the bandwidth-hungry applications running on them. IT Departments need a reliable network with smart application handling to prioritise critical learning applications over other applications and services.

Managing roaming
Ensure devices connect to the best AP Students and their devices are mobile; moving throughout the school campus during the school day. Often, those clients get “sticky” and try to stay attached to the first AP it connects to, even if there is a better AP around the corner.
Solution: WLANs with built-in RF management technology can get rid of sticky clients by gathering session performance metrics from devices and using this information to steer them to the best AP and radio. ArubaOS is built into every Aruba AP, and solves this problem for you with ClientMatch

Support BYOD and 1:1 initiatives with confidence
Students, teachers, staff, and guests connecting to the school network with a variety of personal devices create a tough challenge for IT in managing access and security. The dynamic nature of schools provides scalability challenges you simply do not see in the corporate workplace.
In order to resolve this issue EDU365 utilises Aruba ClearPass to simplify device onboarding with self-enrollment and auto granting of network access privileges based on user roles, device types and location.

Our expert certified wireless engineers save time and money by eliminating trial and error to ensure accurate placement, quantities of devices and real world results. After installation, our commissioning process tests wireless signal and data throughput.

EDU365 best of breed wireless networks require fewer units and less cabling to provide a robust high performance wireless network for your school. Reliable and secure these solutions are now a real alternative to wired networks and ensure IT is an integral part of all lessons. Eliminating or reducing the number of computer labs deployed at a school can have a major impact on resourcing issues many schools face as they grow.

With the right network infrastructure planning, you can empower teachers and students to leverage the latest technology in devices and applications for a richer learning experience while streamlining IT operations across campus.

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Backup and Recovery

Could your school function without access to the network?

The answer is usually ‘not very well’ and the longer the outage the more severe the impact on school operations. Unfortunately, backup and DR services are often only “top of mind” in schools after major issue occurs. Far too often data loss is high and restoration of services takes an unacceptable amount of time if restoration is possible at all.

The EDU365 Managed Cloud Disaster Recovery Service ensures business continuity and risk management objectives are met. If or when a disaster strikes, your institution has the peace of mind that redundant datacentres and expert resources are in place around the globe to help minimise the impact of service to your teachers, students and parents. Backing up date between two buildings or campuses is not going to provide always on services your stakeholders require.

Legacy backup cannot meet modern “always on” requirements, and cannot deliver the service availability that is needed today. EDU365 Backup and Recovery Services leverage IT investments provide on premise and cloud full server backup facilities to help schools meet today’s always on service-level objectives, enabling recovery of any IT service and related applications and data within seconds and minutes.

High-Speed Recovery:
Rapid recovery of what you want, the way you want it. Veeam Availability Suite helps you quickly recover the data you need to enable RTOs of <15 minutes with tools like Instant VM Recovery®, Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, and SQL Server, Veeam Explorer for Oracle — and more!

Data Loss Avoidance
With EDU365 backup and replication your data and applications are protected and can be recovered quickly.

Verified Recoverability
EDU365 backup verification ensures every file, application or virtual server, every time With you can be certain your files, applications, and virtual servers can be reliably restored when needed, and ensure business resiliency through automated backup and disaster recovery (DR) testing.

EDU365 Oversight
Proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact

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