edu365 - who we are

EDU365 is a specialised educational technology (‘EdTech’) company with an executive team compromising highly seasoned educationalists, technology experts and software trainers.

The EDU365 executive team have more than 20 years’ experience in improving schools globally, including leading projects implementing, customising and supporting school software systems in over 600 schools worldwide.

At the helm of EDU365 Group is Chairman Daniel Tennent. Formerly of Micro Librarian Systems, Daniel is a highly experienced director in the EdTech field. His knowledge of the education market and his ability to evangelise solutions and visualise the next opportunity is second to none.

" Everest is the product of EDU365’s combined expertise, experience and our unwavering ambition to help drive school improvement. We look forward to working with you".

"I am really enjoying using Everest. The daily class attendance is a great electronic way for me to track and monitor attendance whilst the gradebook is saving me tons of paper and time, as I can enter my formative assessments on the spot, from my iPad. This is exactly the tool that I needed".

Secondary Teaching and Learning Coordinator - Warwick Academy

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