We've designed Everest with all the important features that schools need...
MIS Sync

MIS Sync

Everest desktop and mobile apps provide teachers with rapid and intuitive data entry for attendance, achievement, behaviour and assessment data

Grade Book

Grade Book

The integrated, customisable grade book gives teachers the flexibility to enter daily scores, marks and grades in school or from other locations



To engage with all audiences, Everest is mobile first and supported on a wide range of tablets, smartphones and computers

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Everest allows the creation and re-use of lesson plans, resources and homework. With hand in/out functionality and collaborative dialog around the work set to support student learning. Our Class Folders file and web link functionality enables teachers to use the Everest App as a single launchpad for any teaching resources



Reaching students, parents and teachers should be easy and fast. With Everest you can push vital information to mobile devices in seconds

Resource Management

Resource Management

Our flexible cloud-based storage library utilises modern search and tagging systems to help teachers share and quickly and easily find resources and lesson plans



Our special needs functionality allows teachers and SENCOs to work collaboratively to support their students in the classroom

Remote Lesson Delivery

Remote Lesson Delivery

Live lessons can be delivered using Microsoft Teams meetings. Our Links launchpad can push useful information such as letters, policy documents and bulletins to the Student and Parent Apps for quick centralised access. Links to other apps can also be added

Accessible on any device

Built with efficiency and productivity at its core, Everest provides both a desktop and a mobile experience for seamless access to your data wherever you are. Our focused apps, for teachers, parents and students, are optimised to provide the tools that make practical sense as users move between their multiple devices.

Everest is a powerful, unified app that assists teachers and school leadership in delivering a first class education for their students. 

Teachers access a single intuitive platform which can dramatically reduce time spent on admin tasks, support curriculum planning and delivery both on site and remotely, track attendance, manage behaviour and record assessment data.

Benefits for teachers:

  • Read from and write back to SIMS
  • Easy to use screens for teachers to record:
    • Attendance - AM/PM sessions and lesson-by-lesson
    • Behaviour and achievement
    • Assessment marks, grades and comments
    • Classroom evaluations in the Everest gradebook
  • Student and contact information easily accessible
  • Quick access to medical, SEN and other important classroom information on students
  • Student Voice allows collaborative tracking of strengths, weaknesses and student development goals
  • Built with the school timetable at its core to facilitate
    • Automated organisation of resources, plans, homework and messages for classes
    • Simplification of repetitive tasks such as re-use of lesson plans and homework
    • Centralised access to remote learning resources and live lesson delivery tools such as Microsoft Teams for Education
  • Easy to use curriculum tools to manage
    • Homework and task assignment 
    • Homework management facilitates monitoring of work submission and focussed conversation with students and parents to support learning progress
    • Parent - teacher collaborative support tools
    • Curriculum and Lesson Planning
    • Resources and links to 3rd party websites and applications
    • Live lesson delivery using Microsoft Teams or other tool of choice
  • User friendly, time-saving tools include
    • Task management and reminders
    • Communication with staff, students and parents
    • Visibility of data to help with decision making
    • Student Voice for capturing the outcomes of discussions with students

The Everest Parent App assists parents in supporting their children at school. Parents are connected and informed on the daily progress of each child. The Everest iOS and Android apps provide everything a parent needs to monitor their child’s daily activity and to help them keep on top of their homework.

With the Everest Parent App they can:

  • Browse their child’s school timetable so that they are fully prepared for what's ahead in the school week
  • Keep up to date on their child’s assignments and homework by viewing the resources and instructions provided by the teacher
  • Monitor work submission and converse with the teacher and student to support learning and progress
  • Stay informed via in-app messages and email communications
  • Keep track of progress and collaborate with teachers to ensure student success
  • View and download academic reports
  • Observe achievement and behaviour awards
  • View attendance information
  • Access resources to aid with learning and support
  • Access other school documentation or published links to resources

Everest provides an easy to use desktop or mobile app that helps students manage their school day.  

Benefits for Students:

  • iOS and Android apps provide everything a student needs to manage their day
  • Quick access to their timetable so they can plan ahead
  • A single place for students to easily access all resources for each class and to support them in completing their assignments and homework
  • Homework management allows students to hand in work and communicate with their teachers and parents to support their learning and development
  • Monitor their academic performance grades and work on areas for development
  • Students can monitor their achievement awards, merits and house points
  • View any behaviour matters that have been recorded by teachers
  • View attendance for the week, month, term or entire year and ensure that not too much lesson time is missed
  • Access school academic reports, both past and present

Benefits for the IT team

The Everest Azure Cloud solution can provide significant cost savings for pressured IT budgets in schools. Everest greatly simplifies the complexity of the IT provision required for teachers to perform their duties. Schools can dramatically reduce the number of applications they need to support and can often eliminate the need for expensive legacy remote access solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix, which are typically used to allow teachers to access SIMS data when away from school.

Benefits for the SLT

Everest is intuitive and is proven to require minimal training for staff. As a result, the onboarding and change management burden is refreshingly light. This drives further efficiency for teachers providing more time for teaching and learning.

Everest can provide senior leaders with more insight in areas such as attendance, achievement, behaviour and assessment. For MATS, school groups and education bodies we can build centralised reporting dashboards, using the flexibility of Power BI, to give an overarching view of school data. These reports can be accessed via the Web and links can be emailed to relevant staff to encourage regular review.

For groups Everest allows central access to each school’s data for information and where teachers, buildings and similar may be shared.


"I just wanted to tell you that I love the new Everest EDU365 app. It’s so easy to keep track of my daughter’s homework, to know where she is during the day, her teachers and classes. Other parents are also very appreciative to be able to log in and see what’s happening with our kids. Easy to use and very helpful."

Julie Corsetti - Parent

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